Detective Chris Boughey on Honor Violence

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Detective Chris Boughey


What is honor violence and do we see this form of violence in the United States?

Ayaan talks with Detective Chris Boughey about honor killings in the United States. Detective Boughey describes the 2009 killing of Noor Almaleki by her father. He explains the role the family plays during honor violence cases and the reasons behind honor killings. 

Detective Boughey is currently assigned as a Detective in the Major Crimes Unit in the criminal investigation sector of the Peoria PD. He investigates homicides, robberies, in-custody deaths, and more.

He has been with the Peoria PD for over 20 years. He was a detective on an honor killing case in 2009 in Arizona. He also works with my foundation, the AHA Foundation, to train law enforcement officers on how to identify and handle honor violence cases and serves as our Officer Liaison.

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