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Katharine Birbalsingh

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Ayaan speaks with Katharine Birbalsingh about the importance of schools providing both a classical education and a place of belonging for children. Katharine explains how and why she established Michaela Community School. They also discuss the American obsession with race and how that is affecting education. 

Katharine Birbalsingh is Headmistress and co-founder of Michaela Community School in Wembley, London. Michaela is known for its tough-love behavior systems, knowledge curriculum and teaching of kindness and gratitude. In 2017, the British Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills graded the school as “Outstanding” in every category.

Katharine studied Philosophy & Modern Languages at The University of Oxford and has always taught in inner London.

She has made numerous appearances on television and radio and has written for several UK publications. Katharine has written several books. Her latest came out in August, titled The Power of Culture.

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