Kmele Foster on Importance of Positive Role Models

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Kmele Foster

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Ayaan speaks with Kmele Foster about family, discrimination, and individualism. They also try to answer the question of what happened to the American man? Our societal evolution to empower women has been an overwhelming good. But have we forgotten what a positive male role model looks like?

Kmele Foster is a media entrepreneur, commentator, and civil liberties advocate. He's co-founder of Freethink, an award-winning media company whose publications (Freethink, BigThink) survey the intersections of culture, innovation, ideas, and human progress.

Kmele is a regular contributor to numerous national media outlets and co-hosts the media criticism podcast, The Fifth Column. In addition to his media and commentary work, Kmele serves on the board of the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression.

Follow him on Twitter at @kmele.

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